Hey Everyone! One of my best friends here in Las Vegas is getting married on May 7th!  Some of our friends and me decided to throw Kristin a surprise Bridal Shower a couple of weeks ago and asked her to come to our friends house for a "BBQ" to "catch up".  Kristin had no idea and was definitely surprised!!

Now... Kristin works out a lot and is always wearing sweats.  Since this was somewhat of an important event for a bride, the host told her to dress up for the "BBQ".  Kristin thought it would be hilarious to show up in a prom dress and a fur so that's why she's in this get-up!  She called me that morning to tell me her little plan and I, of course, encouraged her!  hahaha!

Remnants from a game we played:

There was a luau theme complete with crepe paper parrots!

Near the end, Kristin opened gifts (which she's already put to good use)

The surprise shower was a great success!  I can't wait for the wedding in a couple of weeks:)

Thanks for reading!

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