I was recently contacted by Justin about photographing his proposal to his girlfriend Renee!  He said that he wanted to propose to a girl who was impossible to surprise so he had to be really sneaky in order to surprise her.  We've been emailing back and forth for a few weeks talking about locations, a time to meet, and even sending each other photos so we would recognize each other!  So here's how it went:

Justin and Renee would be in the Wynn Atrium to check it out before heading out for a dinner reservation from a bogus Groupon that Justin had made (and even printed out)!  I would act as one of those annoying photographers that are everywhere in Vegas trying to take your photo.  I went up to them asking if they'd like their photo taken, we'd take a few photos and then I asked them to do a 'cute' pose.  That's when Justin gets down on one knee and proposes!  We took just a few photos after that, but here are the highlights!

Thanks for reading!