Danielle, Ralph, and Ava were former Groupon customers of mine.  For our first photo session, Ava was only about 6 months old!  This time around she is almost two and full of energy, opinions, and personality.  I loved it.  I love capturing who people are.  It is my most favorite thing about photography.  It's so easy with kids this young because they aren't trying to impress anyone or feel uncomfortable in front of a camera yet.  They are just themselves and I think it's a beautiful thing. Danielle had heard about the Ghost Town in Nelson, Nevada and chose it as the location for their photos.  I had heard of this place before and have always wanted to have a session there, so I was beyond excited when I called the owners of the "town" and found out that it was ok to shoot there (even on pretty short notice)!  <<< yay >>> A husband and wife own the buildings and maintain the "town" and were as nice as could be in email, on the phone, and in person!  So refreshing!

I met the Garone family there on Saturday and here are some of my favorites from our session! Thanks for reading!