Martha and Casey are engaged and getting married in Door County, Wisconsin next year! I'm super excited for Martha because I've known her for years.  We've come a long way from driving around, family-style, in our Buick's through our hometown.  Martha is just as adorable and exuberant as she was back then.  She's got a personality that can put a smile on literally anyones face, no matter what their mood.  I know why Casey fell so hard for my friend!

When they first met, Martha lived in Madison and Casey lived in Chicago.  They did the long distance thing for a while but couldn't stand living apart so they moved in with each other somewhere in between earlier this year and were engaged soon after.

I met them at their apartment in Delafield, WI (the cutest little town I've ever seen) and we headed out for some photos at the Military Academy nearby.  There was an amazing stone church there with the most beautiful light, the kind I NEVER get in the desert! Then we went to a park around Lake Nagawicka right around sunset.  Martha brought along this beautiful quilt made by her Aunt Janette out of her Grandmother's dresses.  It is such a beautiful token of her family history.  Here are some of my favorites from my session with them!

Congratulations you two!  It was so great to catch up!  Your Door County wedding is going to be beautiful.