This is my 3rd year photographing 4 and a half year old Mackenzie!  She's the daughter of one of my good friend, Megan, from High School and we always get together for some photos when I'm back home in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.  Megan and Mackenzie live outside Chicago, so they can easily zip up to our hometown to meet me. Mackenzie is really turning into Megan's "mini-me" and it's making me want a mini-me of my own!  I love chasing her around and photographing her just being herself; swinging from willow trees, throwing rocks into the lake to watch it make a splash, and dancing across a bridge like no one is watching.  We also gave her some glitter to throw around and she had so much fun with it.

The location for this session is near to my heart because it's where my wedding reception was last year!  The weather was just on the verge of Fall and some of the leaves were just starting to change.  There's nothing like that feeling in the air in the beginning of Fall in Wisconsin...  We stayed at the park until sunset and watched the sun fall below the horizon from a fishing pier on the lake.  Here are some of my favorites from our session.

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